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Supported Independent Living

Live more independently and work on improving daily living skills, whilst receiving the support you need.


Supported Independent Living

Live in your own home with the tailored support you need


Specialist Disability Accommodation

Accessible and modified houses for high support needs


Independent Living Option

Choose where you want to live and how you want to live

Live confidently and independently

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

Supported independent living (SIL) is for people with a disability who want to live more independently but still need access to support services. Under SIL you can either live in your own accommodation or live in a shared home with others and receive assistance with day-to-day tasks and other activities. Support for SIL is provided by care workers and is very flexible, ranging from a couple hours in a day to 24/7 support.

Benefits of Supported Independent Living

24/7 support

Auslands Care provides flexible care, and can provide a couple of hours support in a day to 24/7 care based on what you require.

Make connections with people

If you choose to live in a shared supported accommodation, you can live with others and make genuine connections with kind and friendly people similar to you.

Upskill and learn important daily living skills

Living independently gives you the opportunity to have your own personal space and practice tasks on your own.

Melbourne Supported Independent Living by Auslands Care

At Auslands Care, we provide Melbourne supported independent living to help you achieve your NDIS goals. Our support workers will help you accomplish all tasks in a shared space or your home. So, if you need an assistant who can help you live independently and with dignity, get in touch with us so that we can meet your requirements. But if you are concerned with the quality of care, you are at the right place. Thus, when it comes to stress-free independent living, we are here to provide you with the services that you require. In addition, our support workers will help connect with the nearby community where you can socialise with others and take part in various activities. In our NDIS SIL in Melbourne service, we as a disability services & support organisation assist participants with tasks such as grooming, hygiene maintenance, toileting, meal preparation, medication management etc. which makes the service all-inclusive.


SIL Housing for NDIS in Melbourne

If you are looking for SIL housing for NDIS in Melbourne, here is where your search ends. We provide a wide range of properties as per the needs of participants. So, if you need a place where you can live independently, we are here to help you with the same. Moreover, in these properties, our support workers will assist you with various tasks. This will help you live without being dependent on anyone else. On top of that, our support workers will provide you with round-the-clock care in these accommodations as well as your home. Thus, when you have us with you, independent living will be a breeze. Since we have some of the best housing providers working with us, you can only expect disability-friendly properties. These accommodations are luxurious and so are the Melbourne SIL services that we offer.

Why Choose Our NDIS Melbourne SIL Service?

Opt for our NDIS Melbourne SIL service since

So, due to the comprehensiveness of our SIL for NDIS in Melbourne, we are one of the most preferred organisations providing disability care. So, if you want our expert support staff to take care of you, connect with us now


Some FAQs Regarding Our Melbourne SIL Services

What are the tasks with which you can help under NDIS Melbourne SIL?
In our NDIS Melbourne SIL service, we assist participants with daily household as well as personal tasks. Besides, we also help participants with travel and transport apart from community participation.
How can you help me with SIL Housing for NDIS in Melbourne?
After we receive your request, we will find some of the best SIL housing for NDIS participants in Melbourne and provide you with a list. From there, you can choose as per your convenience.
How can you help me reach my goals through the Melbourne Supported Independent Living?
Whether we are providing support directly to your home or in a disability-friendly accommodation, we will assess your skills and personalise the support service so that you can easily reach your goals.
Is the accommodation under NDIS Melbourne SIL provided by you designed for participants?
Yes, we only provide disability-friendly accommodations under NDIS Melbourne SIL. So, rest assured that you can reach your goals and take utmost advantage of your funding.
Can your support workers provide me day and night SIL under NDIS in Melbourne support?
Yes, our support workers can provide you with round the clock SIL under NDIS in Melbourne support so that you can live your life conveniently.

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