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Top-Notch Melbourne STA Support from Auslands Care

STA stands for Short-Term Accommodation, and if you are a participant and want to live in any of these accommodations, we at Auslands Care are here for you. We will help you find a house and can even provide you with a list of properties that offers Melbourne STA support. On top of that, in this type of accommodation, you will get comprehensive support from our end. This includes assistance with daily household and personal tasks. Besides, we also offer transport assistance and community participation support that will enable you to explore nearby places and socialise with others.

If you have the NDIS funding for STA in Melbourne, you can rest assured that you will get extensive support from our caregivers. Moreover, they will make sure that your funds are being used in the best possible way. Additionally, our support staff will help you develop the essential skills even when you are in short-term accommodation so that you can reach your goals. So, if you want to stay in a place away from your home as a respite or for a change, get in touch with us for all-inclusive support.

Short-Term Accommodation Support in Melbourne

As a disability services & support organisation, we always assign professionals having years of experience in offering top-notch care to the participants who are in respite or staying in a place away from their home for up to 14 days or less (as is the plan). They will coordinate with you and help you according to the individual support plan.

If you are experiencing issues in choosing a property that is well-suited for short-term accommodation in Melbourne, we can help you as well.

Why Choose Our Melbourne STA Support?

Choose our Melbourne STA support service since
So, to get support with STA in Melbourne, call us without delay.

Top FAQs Regarding Melbourne STA

Will your support workers help with all tasks during my stay in Melbourne STA?
Yes, during your stay in Melbourne STA our support workers will assist you with all tasks such as personal and domestic activities apart from travel and transport.
Can you guide me with a property for short-term accommodation in Melbourne?
Yes, we can provide you with a property for short-term accommodation in Melbourne. You just have to connect with us and tell us your needs so that we can arrange a disability-friendly property for you.
How will you help me during the STA in Melbourne?
During the STA in Melbourne, our support workers will assist you with daily personal activities as well as household tasks. Apart from this, they will also help you with travel and transport so that you can explore the nearby places and meet with other people.
Will the funding cover Melbourne STA?
Yes, funding for Melbourne STA covers your stay in the property for up to 14 days along with the support that you require as a participant.

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