Community Participation

Get assistance with social and community participation, stay active in the community, have fun and make new connections.

Innovative Community Participation in Melbourne

Innovative community participation is a support service scheme that will allow the participants to develop the necessary skills and nurture them to ensure they are able to actively participate in the community effectively. Thus, when it comes to offering assistance to community participation, our support workers at Auslands Care, would do all that it takes to help the participants lead a life of self esteem, self confidence and autonomy by helping them develop those skills.

When you hire our support workers, they never offer any generalised service. Rather, they will take into account the lifestyle of the participants and the objectives of their life to come up with a customised support service package. This customised approach has made us the most vetted disability services & support organisation in Melbourne.

Our support workers, offering assistance to community participation in Melbourne are experienced and have the requisite qualification to offer the participants the service that they desire. They are not only professional, but serve with extreme care and compassion, putting themselves in the shoes of the participants. It is this highly professional, yet caring approach, which makes us such a vetted name.

Community participation has many positive impacts on quality of life
Benefits of Community Participation

Make new friends

Stay active in the community

Learn and develop new skills

Overcome new challenges

What is the Importance of Assistance with Community Participation?

We believe that every individual has the right to lead a life of choice. This does not exclude the individuals living with disabilities. Thus, our quality assistance with community participation near Melbourne will enable the participants to lead the life of their choice, and meet the objectives of their lives with autonomy and confidence. Our support workers will walk an extra mile to assist and support the participants in expanding the horizons of their life and pave the way for their personal growth via an active community participation.

What Does Our Assistance with Community Participation Include?

Our assistance with community participation includes but is not restricted to working in close coordination with the participants. Our service also guarantee, that they benefit from the innovative methodologies & assistance programs, that may include:
Therefore, we at Auslands Care come up with a holistic assistance with community participation – something that makes us your one stop solution.

Some Top FAQs Pertaining to Community Participation

Who is eligible for the NDIS Community Participation plan?
If you are eligible for NDIS, aged between 7 and 65, you are eligible for our support with community participation.
Can you help me out with NDIS funding while providing support with Community Participation near Melbourne?
Yes, we not only help you with assistance, but will help you with management of NDIS funding while offering community participation near Melbourne.
Will you handle the fund while offering Melbourne community participation?
No, our support worker will not handle funds while providing assistance to Melbourne community participation. However, they will offer you assistance on how to deal with the funds, and utilise in a proper way.

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