Community Participation

Get assistance with social and community participation, stay active in the community, have fun and make new connections.

Upskill and explore new environments.

NDIS Community participation

In our NDIS community participation, we help you attend community events, stay active in the community, learn new skills, build connections and most importantly have fun.

We hold a variety of NDIS funded activities which are uplifting and safe environments for our participants to thrive in. Our activities can range from swimming, walking, arts & crafts, bike riding to attending community events.

Throughout all our NDIS community participation activities, we will ensure you are always safe and supported exactly the way you need.

Community participation has many positive impacts on quality of life

Benefits of Community Participation

Make new friends

Stay active in the community

Learn and develop new skills

Overcome new challenges

Activities based on what you like

You can choose to attend activities you find interesting and that cater to your interests. All our activities are modified to you so that you can participate freely. The great thing about community participation is that it is in your control, all you have to do is let us know what you are interested in doing, what challenges you would like to overcome, and we can make it happen.

NDIS funded activities could include

Is Social and Community participation NDIS funded?

You can discuss this during your initial NDIS plan meeting or in your NDIS annual plan review if it can be included in your NDIS plan. Think about what sort of challenges you would like to overcome in social activities, and how receiving support can assist you with increasing independence. If you have any questions contact us and we can also assist you.

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