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Auslands Care is ready to help you reach your NDIS goals!

Welcome to Auslands Care

Compassionate, reliable and high quality.

Before Auslands Care, we were an advocacy group serving the local community, helping groups who are more vulnerable voice their rights and concerns in Melbourne.

After receiving traction and support, particularly among the disabled community, we realised there was a gap in quality disability services available for people, which encouraged us to become NDIS providers ourselves and make an imperative difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

Auslands Care now provides a wide range of NDIS services including supported independent living, respite services, community participation and assistance with daily living. All our services are evidence and research based in order to help you achieve effective progress and support.

Our mission

“Our mission is to empower and uplift individuals to live with ease, get closer to their personal goals and aspirations.”

Our values



Consistently achieving high standards and being respectful of your boundaries.



We are empathetic, and understand your concerns and challenges.



We value and accept everyone.



We are trustworthy, consistently providing a high level of care and support.



We have strong moral principles, and always do what's right for our participants.



We always strive for excellence, by providing top tier care and support to all our participants.

Reliable Services

We are an Accredited Service

Our team is made of passionate individuals who are qualified and experienced in giving care and support. Many of our team members have family members or close connections that have disabilities themselves, so we understand the goals, challenges and the language to communicate with you.

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We know the struggle of waiting for a response, which is why our team members at Auslands Care are always active and ready to respond to any inquiry you have. So leave your details with us and rest assured we will get back to you asap.

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