A Brief Account of Assistance with NDIS Supported Independent Living

NDIS Supported Independent Living

When it comes to offering support and care services to the individuals living with disabilities, there has to be certain procedures to be followed. It is imperative to see that the custom support and care needs of the individuals living  with disabilities are met with perfection. 

So, it is imperative for these individuals to hire registered NDIS service providers near Melbourne or wherever they are. These disability services & support organisations would offer a wide spectrum of services, depending on the nature of the participants’ disability  and limitations. Of them, assistance to NDIS Supported Independent Living is one, which includes helping the participants with assisting in their daily chores and supervising the same. The objective of the NDIS Supported Independent Living is to help the participants develop daily living skills and live as independently as possible. 

NDIS Supported Independent Living Melbourne
NDIS Supported Independent Living Melbourne

How can the support participants explore the home & living options? 

In case a participant or an individual with disabilities has set a new goal for himself or herself or if there is a sudden change in the scenario they may need to get the SIL support service. In that case, they will be required to fill out a ‘Home and Living Supporting Evidence Form’. 

They are liable to submit the form: 

  • Within 100 days of the plan and the date of commencement thereof for the purpose of consideration during a schedule plan review. 
  • With the sudden change of the situation or any change in the details form, or upon a request for a review of the decision form. 

The support workers serving for these NDIS Melbourne SIL providers will help the participants in filling up and submitting the form.

The process of Supported  Supported Independent Living funding 

The very objective of the process of home and living support is to ensure the right fund option is chosen for the participant. It  has to be seen that the funding is enough to meet the support and care needs of the participants in short as well as long term. In the nutshell, the objectives of the SIL service provided by NDIS Provider in Melbourne is to help the participants: 

  • Meet  their goals of their lives
  • Develop certain capacity to develop their daily living skills
  • Helping them improve their functional capacity, and help them do more day to day chores with less support
  • Create a stronger and better connection with their respective communities, and avail the basic necessities like education, health care, and employment. 

The NDIA or the National Disability Insurance Agency would continuously look forward to improving the accuracy and the timelines of the SIL decision-making processes. 

How SIL Helps? 

So in a nutshell, SIL also helps the participants with disabilities in improving their life skills and assist them to live. Thus, if a participant takes ups SIL provided by NDIS SIL Melbourne service provider,  the following 24×7 benefits are available:

  • Assisting in managing budget and monetary affairs 
  • Assistance in cooking & cleaning 
  • Assisting people with disability for improving their social skills 
  • Helping them with personal care 
  • Assisting them in traveling &  attending appointments 
  • Providing personal care like dressing and showering 
  • Assistance in mastering the daily life skills

So if you are looking forward to mastering these skills through the NDIS SIL program,  Call Auslands Care. We are the best disability services & support provider. 


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